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Mentoring program

Benefits of Becoming a mentor

Becoming a mentor is a great way to achieve your personal development
goals. When you become a mentor, you open up many doors to success, not
only for yourself , but for others as well. After all, behind every successful person
is a mentor who helped them reach their goals. Being a mentor can advance
your resume in a many of ways. Taking on the role of mentorship will improve
your communication skills, leadership skills, and management skills. Becoming a
mentor will also help you identify and improve your own study weaknesses. You
will gain recognition for your skills, build vital connections, and increase your
confidence and self motivating skills. Along with personal development,
becoming a mentor and engaging in community volunteering is highly valued by future employers.


So what are you waiting for , become a mentor today!

Mentor Role Responsibilities

As a mentor, you will be asked to act in the best interest of our mentees. You will
represent the L.E.A.D. Organization in a positive way that benefits the community
and yourselves. As a mentor you will be responsible of aiding with one or more
mentees specific needs, whether that be a math tutor, job application helper or a
piano teacher. We ask that you remain respectful, define expectations, be
engaged, be honest, be trustworthy, be consistent , be reliable , and be THERE!
As a mentor, you will be a part of a life-changing community of Mentors and
Mentees that you will forever cherish.


We are looking for trust worthy, reliable, role models. To qualify, you need to be
At least 18 years of age, demonstrate a mentor mentality and have the ability to
be available to your mentees when needed.


Apply today !

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